30 December 2014

I see the stars come out tonight, I see the bright and hollow sky

Frock-70's does 30's, a market
Shoes and vintage doctors bag-Trade Me
Necklace and brooch-60's, opshopped
Flower and 60's sunglasses-from my sistercousinwifey

After all my endless whining about the lack of Summer, it finally turned on the good weather just in time for the holiday season!
It's been so fecking lovely, having a little time off work, being very lazy and pottering about with my G.
He is finally able to ride his bike, and even walk short distances!
If there is anything I would hope for the new year, it is that he makes a full and complete recovery from that nasty ruptured achilles and that the future is injury free!
I never make new years resolutions, as the very second I try and stick to anything drastic or generally annoyingly virtuous, I am compelled to do exactly what I am trying not to do and therefore fail and feel miserable.
Why set yourself up to fail?!
Feck that.
Sustainability is the name of the game, whether it be life changes or shopping choices.

Rock the hell ON!

Have a splendid New Years Eve, whatever you decide to do.
(I'll be impressed if I make it to midnight)


15 December 2014

Trust your instincts and let me in, just be my ride and I'll be your friend

Meet me out in the bike shed.....we'll have a little fun.....

Naturally, I look far too splendid to actually get up to too much mischief....I don't want my hair messed up, if you don't mind.....although a little bed hair never hurt anyone....


I never met anyone in the bike shed in my life!
Being a slow learner (shall we say), I just wasn't interested in that sort of carry on until much later than everyone else.
Loser, much?!
I'm fine with it.
I've never been one to follow the pack, funnily enough.

I was pretty excited to be wearing my newly made square dance frock, and was pondering the perfect jacket to wear with it.....when I remembered this jacket, that I made about 5 years ago!
And it just happens to have stripey circusy buttons that compliment my spotty stripey circusy square dance wonder of a frock to perfection!

Lovely Sue sent me this exquisite brooch in a recent Parcel of Joy...I fecking love it.
I have more brooches than I've had hot dinners, but just don't wear them enough!
Must rectify this!
( o, crap, I just sneezed all over the screen. ugh)

Frock and jacket-made 'em myself
Handbag-60's knitting bag, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Beads-from the sexacious Desiree
Earings-Vintage Pip
Flower-Ubud, Bali
Intelligent expression-all my own, thanks to these smarty pants glasses....

I raise you two, Goody!

To finish, here is my darling Peepers, spread out like  hovercraft on the roof of  our deck!

She's so farking cute I could just squeeze all the juice out of her!

Whoops, did I say that out loud?!


10 December 2014

If she'd keep trouble at bay, they'd give her the money and diamonds, be queen for a day

"Show me yer petticoat, luv!"
O, all right then...

Peepers is disappearing into her catnip jungle...catnip helps soothe her over the being locked out of the bedroom scenario...

I feel positively statuesque in these platform boots!
My feet have not been happy campers lately, requiring more ...dare I say it...sensible footwear....
But that means when I wear heels, it's not as painful as it has been over the last few months.
I know, I know, beauty is pain.
But feck it, my feet are my castle!


Frock-70's, from my sistercousinwife
Petticoat-60's, opshopped
Jacket-60's/70's, opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-70's, opshopped
Earrings-from one of the 'stans, gift from a friend
Necklace-Trade Me
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Bow-made it myself

Recent opshop scores!
A divoon set of cannisters (I have more now than I can poke a stick at, as my Father used to say. Meaning A LOT), a couple of pairs of tights, a sweet sunglasses case, sewing kit and purse, a "gold" triple necklace, a glittery belt that I've turned into a headpiece, and some more groovy old hangers!
The scores have been slow but steady, except for the Friday just past, where I gleaned nothing from my usually reliable sources....it comes, and it goes....not pictured finds from the previous week are a splendid backpack to replace my 25 year old one that was literally falling to bits, and a chilly bin-or Esky, or cooler, depending where you are from.