23 August 2015

So far removed from all that we went through....

I scored a tripod at a Canberra opshop at our last Helgastock, and I finally took myself out for a spin to try it out-it's pretty bloody awesome! I'd been making do with a mangy gorilla pod, which just wasn't quite cutting it. As I can't rely on having my personal photographer around whenever I am looking exceptionally splendid, a gal has to make do somehow, and this tripod makes it a lot easier. All I need now is a flash camera with a clicky thingy and I'll be ever so clever-pants, but I do actually have better things to spend my dollars on.
This 40's frock is too big and has been somewhat butchered in its past, but for a fiver at a theatre sale a few years back, who fecking cares?! I'd quite forgotten about it, but was feeling an urge for black and found it when rummaging through the small black section of my wardrobe. With a cropped 70s jacket, 30s bag and other modern odds and sods, I suspect my black urge has been satisfied for another year, especially now Spring is looking like springing upon us at any second!


09 August 2015

The body is wrapped in shadow, the face is built of cinders

Ah, a rhapsody in red, white and blue!
It's remarkable how often G and I accidentally end up in the same colour scheme.
It foretells a future in matching shell suits, I guess. That's OK, we'll be too addled by then to care!

The green moustache is G's horizontal finger to the corporate man.....

Peepers just likes to be horizontal.

I quite like fingering my "fuck off" bow.


12 July 2015

Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time...

My cavolo nero is starting to take off, the spring onions are doing well, my spinach is thinking about it and my cabbages are decidedly disinterested. As far as is possible to tell, the carrots are looking pretty good, but my brussels sprouts seem to have no intention of forming delightful little buds. 
It's my first go at planting a Winter garden, and it's not hugely successful so far. The star is some self seeded parsley, but that is not going to fill my plate with home grown veges.
I dream of a glass house and a neon green thumb!