26 September 2014

And if I catch you coming round here again, I'm gonna serve it you

I had a couple of days training at work this week.
Now, work isn't something I like to talk about; it's nothing to do with who I am, it's just a pay packet that gets me what I want. I could give it up now that we've paid off our mortgage, but I have some plans that require a good bit of cash still coming in, and my work isn't terribly taxing nor soul destroying.
(I have a mixed role of data entry and admin in a warehouse)
I can wear what I want, generally work autonomously, and occasionally get to drive a forklift.
Anyways, I digress.

I need some fun and laughs in my day to day, and this training was rather dry and eye glazing...doesn't help that I'm just not good in a stuffy room with someone talking at me.
So when we were able to offer ideas for improving the course, I perked up like a cat getting a shot of catnip up the bum.
I think I'm onto some grand ideas here; perhaps you'll agree....

My proposals:
The tutor would garner more attention if dressed like a clown.
We should all be in fancy dress.
Fear is a good motivator-a few wild animals prowling around the room would keep us very motivated indeed.
Tequila shots on the hour, every hour
A dance-o-mat in the center of the room where we throw our best moves as the feeling takes us.
A paddle pool full of custard for when it all gets too much.
There were a few other nuggets of brilliance, but I've forgotten them now.

I have to admit, being in a room with people who take their career very seriously inspires my sense of the ridiculous.
Shit stirrer, moi?!
Quite possibly.......

Frock-70's square dance, from a market last weekend
Jacket-70's, opshopped a few years ago
Belt-a garage sale
Handbag-60's, vintage shop in Portland, Oregon
Bow-made it myself out of a scrap of crimplene
Necklace-60's, a market last year in Wellington
Earrings-from the sexacious Desiree
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief


24 September 2014

And that ain't what you want to hear, but that's what I'll do

This was last Friday, G's first day driving in 8 weeks!
He can stand on his hind legs now, but isn't walking without the aid of crutches yet.
He's been yearning to cycle under the blossoms, as we love to every Spring, but hasn't been able to, so we drove on by and popped inside the gate for some pix.
We just had a sudden cold and windy squall which has blown most of the blossoms away, so I'm thrilled we went in when we did!

Frock-70's, Trade Me
Coat-early 70's, opshopped
Tights-opshopped (really!)
Shoes and 60' s vanity case-Trade Me
Earrings and 50's sunglasses-from the lovely Sue
Necklaces-the chain mail one was from Kensington Market in London in 1989, nd the other I cobbled up from various bits and bobs from all over the place
Bow-made it myself

O, and the brooch was opshopped, in Melbourne, I think!

Love those gnarly branches!


18 September 2014

You gotta keep thinking you can make it through these waves

So much for the lovely Spring sunshine!
Winter made a guest reappearance, rather dramatically, so it was out with the Wintery woollies again!

Frock-60's, Fossil Vintage whilst in Melbourne for Helgastock 2013!
Coat-50's, Two Squirrels
Beret-60's, opshopped
Scarf ring-60's, opshopped
Handbag-a Rex! Opshopped, I think....or was it Retropolitan?!
Shoes-Trade Me

Pix by our mate Mikel!

My laptop finally bit the dust after 4 years, so I've got myself a brand spanking new one, and managed to set it up myself...mostly!
It's a different brand, so will take some getting used to, and I need to get our techie friend Mikel to sort a few things.
I'm not gifted as far as techno stuff goes, but I don't mind bumbling about and having a go.
Then I call Mikel!
He's very good about my computer ignorance, and has a way with a laptop.
He's also the focus of a very cute pookie crush-Peepers follows him about and gazes at him adoringly!!!