Well,here I am!Should anyone find me,I am pleased to meet you!

Oddly,I am very private by nature,so WHY I am putting myself out here,I do not exactly know...........hmmmmmmmmmm,we'll just see how it goes!I hope I don't regret it!!
I will probably just be ranting about life in general,and posting crazy outfits,trying to make myself sound more fabulous than I really stay tuned!
Right now-it's very wet & cold as winter refuses to let go just yet,and I will be driving part of the way to Kaikoura tonight after work.I have been driving for 9 months,and am still astonished at how much I enjoy it!
I am wearing a new-to me-blue foral 70's frock that I found at the wonderful Madame Butterfly's on Stanmore Rd,the socks and cardigan are secondhand,turquoise flower in my hair was from the local pharmacy.............I look a bit stiff in that photo,I guess I'll get more comfortable with this posing lark!!