A Frock and some Bookaholism

Frock-retail sale, improved by moi
Lime fishnets-no idea! They seem to have just appeared like magic!
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-gift from Justine
Necklace-made by moi out of parts sourced in London and Nevada, and playing nice by being around the wrong way! Boo.

And now-book love!! As inspired by Vix !!

These are my cookbooks,they reside above a cupboard in the kitchen.I also have a pile of smaller ones, plus some cocktail books, and a 70's tome on fondue. I have loads of cut out recipes from magazines stuck into school exercise books,a habit inherited from my mum,who was a great instinctual cook.

These reside under a small table in the lounge. Taschen are ok by me too!!!I must note that books are really expensive here.I buy secondhand or online at Amazon.

The next photo's are an attempt to show the eclectic collection on my bookshelf.Not a huge amount of books-I would love a room dedicated to reading,but alas,the house is not big enough-but quite varied and well loved.

Favourite authors include Lisa St Aubin de Teran,Anais Nin,Jane Austen,Tony Cohan,Thomas Hardy,Tom Robbins,Edith Wharton........

I have a lot of books on astrology,one of my many interests.

I have a lot of books on Frida Kahlo,Marilyn Monroe and Anais Nin too.
Also lots of crafts, interior design and fashion.
I sometimes wonder if I appear a little deranged, as my interests are so incredibly varied!
I will read almost anything; I just need, and love to read. I don't care what genre it is if it is well written.
I particularly like biographys and books on travel, art, history, culture, cooking and religion. My fave thing to do is go to the library and just pick up anyhting that looks interesting from any section. I find that I really like foreign writers, as when translated,the language is so beautiful and precise.
Reading is truly like breathing to me.
My parents,e specially my father, were the same.