Grass and Sky

Quite the last gasp of Summer today!My legs have already gone into Winter mode,it seems.You'd think I had white tights on!!But no,just bare legs!
Frock-70's maxi,opshopped and shortened by me.Ahem.I alter most things,but do feel forever guilty afterwards!!But I just didn't wear it when it was long!!
Shoes-Trade Me.(the brand is Shelleys of London)
Jewellry-G and his Mum picked the necklace and earrings out for me when they were in Singapore,on the way to Japan,a few years back.Tres glam!

I found this rather divine 50's coat in the loveliest shade of crimson today.$10NZ-stoked!!
I had just been thinking only yesterday that a pink coat was something I was decidedly lacking.And lo and behold!! Opshop karma!
This is the duvet and a cushion cover I made for Justine's baby.Pretty simple,but pretty.I kept a scrap and trimmed a pink frock with it,that'll turn up sometime soon......
*I had the weirdest dream last night.It was all about Aliens,and people breeding them,and it was scary,and then I was sitting with Clint Eastwood and James Woods outside a scientific facility,and James Woods kept waving a tumescent erection at me.Ick.Then I was driving with him,at a furious pace,to get away from the Aliens,but I'd left my handbag behind where we had been sitting,and we had to go back(of course!)to get it,and it was still there,among a lot of wreckage the Aliens had left behind.
What does this all mean???!!!