I like BIG HAIR and I cannot lie

Maybe I was Texan in a past life, maybe not, but I just love big hair!!! This bouffantly gorgeous lass is Lyn Gardener, she runs a vintage shop in Melbourne called Empire 11( empirevintage )and leads a most glamourous lifestyle.
Beautiful Kaelah, Kaelah has hair I just gasp over!!!

No idea who this chick is, but the hair is just fabbydo.

Ah, Dusty Springfield. Springhair more like!
No idea who this is, but WOW!!! Inspiring!!! Such volume, such smoothness!
Cute freckles, too.
Sweet Brigitte Bardot, how do I love thy sexy hair? Let me count the ways......

With this hair she could have ruled the world!!!

If memory serves me correctly, this is Mari Wilson?? 80's songstress with hair to die for!!!
The Ronettes. OMG I want that hair!!!
Mine is all smoke and mirrors, or P & P, as I call it. Padding and Product. I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine, and tends to be very flat. A handful of mucky product, a little sureptitious padding, a pile of pins, a little spray, and voila!
Goddess hair!!!