Wodan's Day comes once a week

I went for some groceries and a wee spot of opshopping this afternoon.I am very tired,as I got up at 3:30am to drive Heidi to the airport.I am not ready for my close-up!!!
Frock-70's,opshopped and shortened
Tights-not sure
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower-a Sydney market

These are the shoes from the first pic,closer.They came in the mail on Friday,and I had to try them straightaway!They are quite different for me-I like shoes with straps,usually.But I adore polkadots(Strawberry Switchblade,anyone?!)and had been after some polkadots shoes for a while.I'm not usually a bow person either,but it seems to work!
Mind you,I am thinking I'd like to try a monster bow instead of a flower.Might make one this weekend,and get your opinion as to whether it suits me or not!!

This was this afternoons loot.The handbags are a fine example of how fecked up/mixed my taste/style is!!70's tooled leather,and a 50's(or is that 60's)number!! Not to mention the navy gloves,most ladylike,and the hot pink crochet wooly cap!!! I love the chocolate brown beret,and the black furry (fake) one is rather cute.The yellow thing is a golden yellow crochet beret,modern,with gold sequins.Similar I think to the black one Disco Goth (daysinthelifeofme) got a while back.Plus a sweet blue tartan purse, a couple of William Morris print tins-no idea what I'll do with them yet-and a late 70's frock.I think I spent $20 all up?There were also some kitchen utensils,which I have thrown into the dishwasher.

O,and a couple of pics from last nights Thai dinner with Heidi.
We had a whole chilli fish,deep fried(I am crazy for chilli),a chicken Panang curry and Choo Chee Plaa.(A dry red curry with fish.)Engorgingly delicious!!!