I really love handbags.I just adore these vessels that transport my daily needs around,that look so cute and sometimes so glamourous,that are so practical and sometimes so utterly frivolous.......I have some early photos of myself at age 5 going to Sunday School(feck knows why)with handbags and boots that either matched or co-ordinated beautifully.(I really must do some scanning.You all simply must check out my Mummy.She was some hot babe.She died before I owned a digital camera.)
These baskets sit on my bookshelf and hold rather a lot of handbags.If you wish me to empty these and display their contents,just say.........
Looking into the corner of my sewing room,by the bay window.Some of my favourites are on the wall;G put up some cute hooks for me so they could be displayed........
To the right of the bay window.None of these handbags cost me more than $5,and all of these have been in my possession for at least 10 years.
All but 1 of my baskets.These are in the foyer,upon the faux Chinese cabinet.
A few behind my sewing/dressing room door.They live with the hairdryer.I just don't have anywhere else to put them right now.G doesn't like me hanging crap on the back of doors,but I'm afraid needs must.
The top right one is the one I currently use the most.Practical due to being black,it cost me $4 at an opshop,and the label inside says "So obviously Rex".This must have been a popular brand way back when.I have had 2 ladies comment on it,saying "Oh,you have a Rex!" and seemingly very surprised by the fact.I can't find out any information on the brand at all.I can only surmise(am I making that word up?!) that they were pretty common-camelia has one too!-and that they were probably a cheap version of something flasher,as they are made of vinyl.
Funnily enough,if someone asks me if I collect anything,I say no.....but I guess I actually do.Handbags,shoes,clothes........I suppose I do collect them,but not conciously nor for any purpose such as investment or whatever.I just freakin' love them and just can't get enough!!!