Love Thy Neighbour

This hot little saucepot is Liz.We met Liz when we moved into our house in 2000;she was living next door.We fell in lurve almost instantly,and formed a firm friendship.She hasn't lived next door for years,but we still refer to each other as the neighbours.

Her birthday is today(no idea why I thought it was Tuesday;I'm good like that),so a bunch of us met up at Winniebagoes last night for dinner........G and I had 4 bandidos before cycling into town-about 10 mins from our place-and then I got stuck into the bubbly with Liz.
I had one of those I've got nothing to wear moments last night,then decided on a green 60's frock that I promptly spilt coffee on.So I ended up in a safe,simple homemade number.See flickr for a semi-decent shot.
G with Liz's man Ely,and her daughter Ebony.G has a bit of a glow on!
"I love you,I rilly rilly love you"
G always has to clean my face after dinner.We had the most scrumptious spicey lamb pizza.Makes my mouth water just typing that.
After a fabulous garlicky baked field mushroom for breaky,I went off the Stash Rehash.I bumped into the adorably petite and pretty cameliacrinoline there,and we had a little rummage together.It was soooo busy!Madness!I was there 25 mins early,and the queue was around the block!!!Still,I managed to get away with these goodies for $20.O dear,more stuff to find space for in my room!!!
This is what I came home to.
G is still on his bender,and had been brutalising the hedge whilst I was out!!!
So I got motivated in the kitchen and made pesto,a salsa,olive/feta/thyme muffins and a tremendous chilli con carne.I will make a broccoli/courgette slice before the evening is out.......
Frock-made by me out of retro fabric from an opshop
T bars-No 1 Shoe Warehouse
Feeling positively virtuous!
Woof!!Liz has great,sexy style.....and the most gorgeous pillowy lips....mmmmm