Acting quite civilised around the kiddies

How do you fancy G as a family man?!

Justine having a bit of a nosh.....

and looking saucy with our lovely Gilberto the Great.

Quite the family afternoon, here I am with Baby Rose.

With Gilberto and Justine.

G and sweet Helm , whom we don't see as often as we'd like.
Helm, incidentally, is the possessor of the biggest wang I have ever seen.
I kid you not, he packs one hell of a love truncheon.
Justine and I once asked him to show us, as we'd heard of its glory, and Helm ever so obligingly flopped it out for us to have a gander.
Whereupon we screamed with shock and ran away.
Seriously, John Holmes has a rival.
Aside from that, he is a lovely man, and a mega talented artist.

Aw, and a noice family portrait to finish.
I didn't take as many pix as I thought!
O well!!
You're all rather marvelous for enjoying my fabulous maxi!
Yes, you are!