Back into my groove

Oooo, you lucky tarts!
Here's post number 2 for the day!
So many holiday snaps to share, but I was soooo gagging to get back into my wardrobe again. I can pack light, I can make do with the minimum.....but after a while it does my head in! If we are backpacking, I tend to get quite whingey as I get more and more bored with the sad arse 5 frocks or so I've taken along. And worse, we usually travel in Asia, and they are tiny doll like creatures there, and I simply don't fit any of the cutesy clothes, so no shopping!!!
I find it terribly vexing, really.
Above is what I wore to Mikel & Justine's last night.
Frock-60's, a Shabby Chic market earlier in the year
Bow-made by moi
Fishnets-my beloved Vix
Sunglasses-darling Sarah
Flower-gift from Justine
And low and behold, today I went out for my wax of agony.....and a few groceries(now that was agony. Fecking maniacs out there!!! People with death wishes wandering around the carpark-goddam it, I could've made a few of those wishes come true with a mere flick of my wrist)...and a booze run.
Now we are stocked with plenty of wine, bubbly, gin, vodka and mixers.....ready for New Year!!!!
I wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped
Cardi-60's-garage sale
Scarf as belt-opshopped
Floral tights-Vix aka Sexy Minx
Shoes-K Mart sale
Handbag-Retropolitan garage sale. It's a Rex!
The necklace is from Mexico.
It's bloody hot here, but I had to wear tights as my poor ankles and feet were very tasty to the local sandflies whilst we were camping. I'm all nasty and spotty and's all too undignified! I have pix, and when I post them you'll all be ever so sympathetic. Hideous little things, sandflies. Worse than mozzies. I kept calling them "little conts" in my best Irish accent. Which I can't really do at all. But it amuses me to think I sound like the real deal. I simply had to soak myself in wine to cope with the itchy pain of it all.
Anyway, have another video.
Witness the wonders of the tap dancing twits....