Good to be back

Hello darlings!
Just a quickie (ooooer, missus) to let you know we are back in town after a few glorious days of sun and relaxing, not to mention a bit of flood drama .....yes, we were indeed fleeing in the wee hours....

....but we got out safe and sound, and had to re-route ourselves to get home as roads were closed, we had to wait til today to see what was open, so have come home a day early.

Came home to a lovely parcel from the adorable Ms Alex !!
I've said it before, I'll say it again-you're a treasure, doll!!!
I see my darling twin is home!!!
And, before we pop around to Justine & Mikel's for a bbq, I want to give a holler out to Mrs Cleaver for being such a sweetie and paying me lovely compliments! You can come by anytime, angelcakes!
I woke up one night in Pelorus in a panic, as I realised that I had not acknowledged your awesomely kind comments at all.
What a cow!!!
So I am now!
You're all gorgeous and I want to share spit with each and everyone of you!!