It's a bit majestic, I suppose

We cycle past the Peterborough every morning.
I can't remember what it originally was, but it was transformed into apartments in the late 90's.

A fine example of Christchurch's "gothic" past!

Perfect place for an old Goth to pose!

Fab building, and survived the earthquake really well; it has a counterpart a block South, that didn't fare so well.

Frock, petticoat, boots-opshopped


Cardi-Farmers sale

Earrings-Selcuk, Turkey


Necklaces-Vix and Sarah

I'm pretty sure Vix is due back tomorrow, whether or not she can get back is another story!


We are going camping for the next week, up to Pelorus , where there is a pleasant camp ground by a lovely river. We plan to relax with a pile of reading matter, food and wine.

We leave this afternoon!

I'll next see you all around the 30th, when I guess we'll all be getting excited-or not-about New Years Eve parties........

You've all done very well!

(in the words of the immortal Mr Grace!)

Have safe and happy times, don't do anything Helga wouldn't do!!!



This makes me laugh maniacly.

(assuming that's a word)