O so versatile!

Before I go any further, I must answer a couple of questions regarding our friend Helm:

1: Ms Atomic Ranch , I'm sure that Helm would be quite happy for me to take a photo of his wang, in fact, I know he would be most eager for me to do so, but even I-yes I-draw the line about posting wang pix!!!

LOL-who am I kidding!?!

2: Brian , my sweet, I can't remember how we heard about Helm's enormous wang, it just seemed to be general knowledge. Of course, Justine and I required a viewing to confirm it.

I must reiterate how terrifying it was.

And to the matter at hand!!

I got this pretty 70's maxi last week, and for the first time ever, did maxi at work!

Worn with:

Lime vest-thrifted in Palm Springs, I think

70's crochet thingy-opshopped well over 20 years ago!


I'm carrying here a vanity case I picked up yesterday. In the first pic I'm carrying my trusty everyday Rex.

Then, before I'd even had my first drink of the afternoon, I had a brainwave!!!

As the skirt is quite big on me-I had to safety pin it; this is rare so I was quite excited-I realised I could wear it as a strapless frock!!

Ta da!!

I think I like it better!

I'm just gonna be too big for my boots now!


Now, just as an aside, G wanted me to gloat about how hot it has been here, so hot we were cavorting under the sprinkler the other day.

Sorry about that!