Suffer the naughty Helga

This afternoon we have been at our lovely friend Dave's for a garden party.
I'm desperately hungover after somewhat foolishly spending yesterday afternoon drinking vodka/tonics, then indulging in tequila shots with friends Amber & Nancy, then going off to band practice and drinking bubbly...whereupon it all unravelled......I did a spectacular hurl and was put to bed....
So, I may look divine, but was feeling decidedly queasy, and the hair of the dog approach wasn't really working!
I'm going to have some dinner and go to bed; will fill you in with party pix etc tomorrow!
O, my English darlings, I do hope you are all staying snuggly during your dreadful snowstorms!Big warm huggles across the globe from G and I!
I am channeling a taste of my beloved Vix in
Frock-opshopped maxi