Things for carrying things are lovely.

Just look at this adorable little case I got off Trade Me.

Just look,I tell you!!!

It's soooo cute!

It's smaller than I realised, and therefore all the more goregous!

Gawd, but I love things for carrying things!

Handbags, cases, purses......mmmmmmm....can't get enough.

I must have bought at least 30 bags/cases this year alone.

Lucky for me, G gets it.

That isn't to say that he fully understands it, but he does get the desire to own these lovely things!

Enough of my addiction, now look at ME!

I've admired this entranceway for some time.

Frock-the awesomely kind Brian , with some alterations by moi





Flower in hair-Asian shop in town.

Is obsessing over bags (of all descriptions) bad?!

Is it shallow?!

Do I care?!