Wine and nibbles for breaky and lunch!

Every day.
We did make efforts for dinner,however!

The marinated feta was heavenly!!
One of our dinners consisted of that with smoked salmon, orzo, homemade pesto and olives........

I could quite happily live on snacks like this!

Just look at this setting!! Glorious!
Who'd have thought 3 days later the river would be all over this?!
Jeez, we've had a year of craziness here. The poor South Island has been caned! Earthquakes, a huge storm down south, more earthquakes, this flooding!
On Boxing Day apparently there were 24 aftershocks from about 2am onwards! Not terribly high on the richter scale, but shallow and very central.
What's a girl to do but look as fabulous as possible!?
Stay tuned for another post later on..........
The holiday pics will keep dribbling on through!