Darlings, a dilemma

I got this early 60's frock and matching jacket off Trade Me last year.
It's in splendid condidtion, and fits perfectly.......but........
the colour....
It's just too drab, this flat, musky shade of pink.
What to do?!
I'd like to dye it.
Maybe burgundy, or a brighter shade of pink.
What do you think?
Should I dye it at all?!
I don't think it would damage it; and I think it would take the colour well.
It's been years since I dyed anything, but I seem to recall satins can take an interesting bit of hue on, and this kind of cottony lace should soak up colour quite well.
Any advise, or opinion greatly recieved!!
I'd really like to wear the damned thing!!!

As an aside, here's a scan from the History of Underwear book that Nelly sent me....
I love these broads!!