Friday Frocktacular!

This isn't the frock I intended to wear today!
I actually really wanted to wear the fabulous frock that Desiree sent me, and even had it on.....but realised it is just far to nice and possibly too fragile to wear to bloody old work! So I changed frocks and kept everything else on!
You'll just have to wait another day for it, it's spectacular!!
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Hat-vintage, from darling Desiree
Sunglasses-vintage, fromscrummy Sarah
Tights-from lucious Vix
Bag-vintage cosmetics case, Shabby Chic Market
I came home to a wee parcel from our lovely friend Nicole, who has just moved to Brisbane! In it was this lovely blue ring, and these amazing earrings, below!!!
She's such a gorgeous girl!!!
Thanks, lovely!
Label shot for you label whores!

As you know (or may not, if you're a new reader), I work with lots of blokes; I do inventory/factory data entry and am in and out of a store all day. Anyway, they don't say much about my attire, usually, or really notice. But today, I was strolling down an aisle to collect some paperwork, and one of the young bucks said that I looked like "I was married to a President, with the short hair and (he waved his arm around towards my hat)..." I said, "o, you think I look a little Jackie O? I'll take that as a compliment", and he said that it wasn't intended as such, it was meant to be an insult. I wasn't perturbed at all, whatever, little boy, and then another chap piped up with "what do you know about fashion, faggot?!", which made me laugh...and then I realised that he had just defended my honour, whether he intended to or not!
How sweet!