Hahaha, the post title refers to an expression I recently heard:
Dave (at work): " Such and such has got passionfingers "
Me:" wtf ? "
Dave:" They fuck everything they touch "

I was very amused.

Feck me, but you ladies rock!
Thank you all for your opinions/advice re what to do about the lace (yes, rather Queen Mum, but I love her so yay!) frock/jacket!

I'm still uncertain, but.....
Um, yeah, I suppose I should try wearing it!!!
That's the first piece of advice I'll take on!
I'll wear it this weekend, and try styling it up Helga-esque, and see what y'all think.
And what I think!
And we'll go from there.

Frock-vintage, Trade Me
Jacket-gift from Nix
Tights-Love to Dance

More fave scans from the History of Underwear.....
This womans arse is fantastic!!!

And lucky last, here's a collage of some early 90's camping pix!!
Oooo, I was much slimmer and less buxom back then!!