And if you said you love me, how could I mind?

We had a rather productive and splendid time in Lyttleton with Jo over the weekend!
We arrived fairly early Saturday morning so she and G could have all day replacing weatherboards on her house, but first we had to pop on down to the farmers market in the main street, as I needed some fresh local produce to have with lunch and dinner. Once that was bought, we popped around the corner where they have a secondhand market, with clothing, bric a brac, furniture etc, and then just up from that is the weekly garage sale, with all manner of bargainacious secondhand delights!
I can see why people love living in Lyttleton!

This is the view as we walked down Jo's street.

I just thought this house was looking pretty in the sun!

I scored this hideoustastic heraldic  icebucket for G and a 1975 Vogue sewing book for moi!

And also an early 80's batwing frock I rather like; batwings aren't normally my bag, baby!

Lunch was a triple cheese flan, salad and boiled new potatoes...

Jo's bookcase.
(She built it herself)
I love to paw over her extensive and impressively organised book collection!

Dinner wasArianne's recipe for General Tao's Chicken, which G calls Chairman Mao's Chicken, rice and steamed veges.
It's one of G's favourites, and we only ever use free range chicken, incidentally.

Jo made a gorgeous rhubarb crumble with whipped cream for dessert!
Neither G nor I are big dessert fans usually, but this was incredibly delicious, with Jo's own crumble recipe all crunchy and gingery good!

Chef's priviledge.

After dinner and a great deal of divoon wine, we staggered down the hill to the Porthole for a nightcap.
And that, as they say, was that!
I'll treat you to outfit details tomorrow!