Daylight devours your unguarded hours

This funny little fellow hanging out with the quacks, is a pukeko*, a New Zealand native bird.
We've got some pretty awesome and rather unusual birds down here!
Isn't his (or her) little red head just darling?!

Frock,70's, vintage Oroton sunnies and pendant-from my neon bright Sarah
Cardi-70's, opshopped and different buttons added by moi
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-70's, opshopped
Hairbow-made by moi
Blue beads- from vintage fair Queen Vix
Earrings-Santa Fe

After a little mission to the hardware store on Saturday, we popped by Horseshoe Lake for a nosey. It's in a area that has loads of fabularse Brady Bunch type houses, not too far from us.
The quacks were abundant and merrily quacking away.
I would be too, if I could bob about seemingly weightless as if I had a cork up my bum.


* Lovely Sue sorted me out, I had the wee birdie labelled as a takahe ...which  it isn't!!!
Thanks, sweetcheeks!