Do I know you from somewhere?

Minty green and busting out!
We went to our Nix' 40th birthday bash last night, and I was channelling The Jade Princess, according to our mate Dave.
We had to take a bus out to Brighton, which was rather an adventure!

Frock-60's, from our colour queen Sarah
Kimono-a costume hire shop sale; it appears to be an old souvenir from the Taji islands?!
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, opshopped

It was a bloody good night.
Loafer played a small set, Nix' sister and cousin did a few songs, and there was much karaoke!
That's Jo and I doing "Gimme Gimme Gimme" by Abba.

The light whilst we were waiting for the bus was dramtically beautiful!

Candid Dave and I at the bus stop.

In recovery mode today; I've been wearing a scrum of opshopped/market bought brooches, an opshopped cardi and a frock from Curtise "the bod" whilst drinking Bloody Mary's and thinking about doing some sewing..

As well as making savoury muffins and prepping for tomorrow nights fortnightly veg night with Cousin Phil and friends Amber and Bela.

I can't really be arsed doing anything now else other than lolling about in front of the telly....