If you could deal with your reflection, I'm sure you'd see into my eyes

Yes, indeed, it's drunken shenanigans!
No tree in sight for a change, just the local graffit wall.....

Nix, G and I decided to pop on down to a local bar for a few drinkies last night...after having had a few drinkies at home....
Of course we had to prance about like fools!
I really dig Nix' frock, and that handbag of hers is a favourite!

I wore:
Frock-made by moi out of an old caftan
Jacket-late 60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-50's, was G's Mama's. I painted it and decorated it....sacrilege?!
Hairbow-a vintage velvet bow tie

Obligatory drunken lavatory posing....

I can home yesterday to a surprise parcel of joy from Tamera !
A darling vintage silk bow tie, a fabularse pair of earrings that the sweetie had converted to pierced for me, one of her incredible cards, and....

She made me this insanely gloriarse enormous Mrs Slocombe brooch!!!
Thank you, darling!!

In other news, G and I spent today ('twas a public holiday) clearing out our garden shed, which has been full of who-knows-what crap for years....
I found a small stash of old Siouxsie posters!
I'm quite excited about that.
I think I'll get them laminated, as they're pretty old and torn, but still enjoyable.

I also found this old Incredibly Strange Film Festival poster!
This festival used to tour the country yearly, with all sorts of old cult films.
Thanks to this festival I discovered the talents of Russ Meyer, one of my favourite film directors ever!
We've re-organised, created a pile of stuff to go to the opshops, stuff to sell, and total rubbish!
A long time mission finally accomplished.
I feel virtuous.
Better have a glass of wine.
Happy Friday, lovelies!