Looking for a red light house of sin

Sooooooo, here's some pix of our old rock band, Swamp Donkeys!
The "Ass of Evil" was our little catchphrase.
This gig was a toga party at the university one year, hence my mini toga.
G and I, and sometimes our bass player, loved dressing up in insane outfits, much to the disgust of the lead guitarist and drummer...neither of whom had much of a sense of humour and took themselves far too seriously!
Something I could never do!

How do you like the Wonder G outfit I made for my sexacious boy?!
He's always had a thing for Wonder Woman.
Hilariously, one of his nuts fell out during the gig, and like a true trouper, he didn't miss a beat!

Speaking of bands, G's band The Provs have a gig in December.
(That's the band he drums in)

I guess I'll be playing the part of the groupie....