O, I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a thing to wear

Actually, I have no intention of going out tonight, that song just popped into my head from the ether!
What I am going to do is cook G and Si a Thai fish curry in a while, as they are recording, and otherwise I am going to stare at the goggle box and probably have an early night....
Such is my life!

Today, however, G and I went over to Jo's for a few hours; G is going to help Jo replace some weatherboards on her house next weekend, and needed to measure up and get said weatherboards.
I made a feta and artichoke quiche for lunch and was generally encouraging.
That's how I roll.
Next week, whilst they work, I will make lunch, pour drinks, make dinner and add glamour.
All in a days work, really!

Frock-opshopped and considerably altered by moi some years ago
Belt-thrifted in San Francisco
Tights-can't remember, Trade Me, I think.
Handbag-60's, Junk n Funk,sadly flattened by the earthquake
Pendant-Oaxaca, Mexico
Earrings-Palm Springs

This is Jo's neighbours Cornish Rex, named Wolf.
She's massive bastard barking mad.
And prone to wandering far and wide!
She's ever so soft and personable.

I love Jo's front door.
Don't you just want to grab that ginormous knob with both hands?!
I know I do.

I caught Wolf yawning!!
Looks like something from that "Pitch Black" film!

Jo's rampant front yard.
There's gnomes in there somewhere....ugh....

I might now continue watching Black Books from where we left off last night.
Dylan Moran gives me the motherly horn.