Robot minds of robot slaves lead them to atomic rage

Ah, yesterday was the warmest, lovliest, Summery day...alhtough we're only in Spring!
I was so pleased last night to be able to wear this chiffony delight I picked up at made Butterfly's a while back when darling Leisa and her hubby were in town!
I had to take it in quite a lot (a rare and pleasureable experience!), and then wait for some good weather, as I simply couldn't ruin it with a coat!
We cruised over to Si and Nix' in the evening for band practice, and I lurkerd beneath their lilac tree in the dusky warm breeze...

Frock-70's, Madame Butterfly's
60's handbag-opshopped
Floral headpiece (handmade) and earrings-lovely Sue
Diamante necklace-sweetheart Louise
Other necklace-a Shabby Chic market

Here's the frock I bought yesterday!
A splendid NZ label, all chiffony and fabularse!
I think I might wear it to Nix' 40th next weekend........