Am I still dreaming... words to spare

On me:
Frock-from the sweetest Squirrel
Crinoline underneath-Etc
Handbag-vintage Rex, via a friend
Headpiece-vintage, costume shop sale
Necklace-New Orleans
Earrings-60's clip on's, opshopped I think!

On G:
Top-probably Retropolitan, or maybe opshopped, can't remember
Pants-the sweetest Squirrels
Sunglasses-Vegas, baby!

Well, I am rather amused to find I am not the only one lusting after Richard Armitage!
You wenches in the UK have been keeping him all to yourselves, you shameless hussies!
Tough titty, you have to share his scrumptiousness now.........
Seems I have some catching up to do!
Thank you for letting me know all that he has been in.
I have already got North and South on the top my dvd list.....and then I have a whole series of Spooks to watch! Might save that for some cold Winter nights....
As our friend Amber would say, that's "totally tits!"