Gambled every bit of sense I had

A family bbq on Saturday found me in a park with my tights around my knees.
It's not as dodgy as you think.

Because I'd been grizzling about getting a pair of white tights splattered with muck, (most likely my bicycle being the culprit) G insisted I take off these nice white tights for our bicycle journey, and pop them on in a park near the brother and sister-in-laws.....

Whereupon I tried  discreetly to get them on behind a bush...and got sprung by a gaggle of teenage girls.
O joy.
I sternly told them that there was "nothing to be seen here, girls", but G couldn't resist adding "nothing dodgy, anyway..." and they sped off looking more than a little alarmed.
Doesn't everyone get changed in the park?!
Perhaps not.
And why o why did it have to take twice as long as usual to get them on?!

They watched our little photoshoot from a distance and hopefully had  a nice little tale to tell over the dinner table.

At least it wasn't my knickers around my knees...or ankles...
I may have been arrested!

Frock-70's, opshopped and altered considerably by moi
Shoes-thrifted in New Mexico
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Bow-San Francisco
Brooch and earrings-gift from G

Am I the only idiot to be caught in such a compromising situation?!
It wasn't the first time; it probably won't be the last!
Tell Aunty Helga when you were last caught with your tights (or knickers) down!