I see myself, suddenly, on the piano as a melody

A morning in Lyttleton at Jo's; the work on her weatherboards is just about done.
This post is a little picture heavy, but it was such a lovely Summery morning, I couldn't help myself...
So suck it up, darlings, in the nicest possible way!

A cup of tea, how terribly civilised!
Jo's teaset is from Poland, as is her cultural heritage.
Fancy, it matches perfectly with my outfit!

Wolf, being Wolfish.


And what's inside my 60's vanity case?!
Just my Kindle, my disco wallet, my daggy old cell phone, G's denim wallet, my camera case, G's keys, my keys, my lipstick purse...


See, tights and open toed shoes!
(cue evil laugh)

Native flax

Telephone for Sarah !

I'm so glad you're all ball busting rule breakers!
No wonder I want to get lusty with y'all!

Frock-made by moi
Waistcoat-vintage mens, opshopped
Coat-60's, opshopped, would have had a matching frock, DAMMIT
(I forgot I had this; I found it in a box last week. I remember buying it at an opshop about 15 years ago that's been gone for at least 12 years...bloody hell! There's still crap in the garage to be sorted from last year when we had the house earthquake repairs done!)
Shoes-retail sale, they're pretty fecked
White beads-opshopped
Pendant-the poetess, Sarah
Earrings-little crowns! Retail sale, years ago
Crochet flower-a Shabby Chic market, with an added vintage button I bought at the  Greenwich markets in 1992