If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious

Right, I'm gonna slap you lucious wenches about with my booboids a pile of pix......

G and I went out for dinner last night.
There's a new Vietnamese restaurant opened up in our 'hood, and we have been gagging to try it.
On the way, I was mistaken for Mary Poppins.
Of course!
Who else could I possibly be mistaken for?!

Mary bloody Poppins?!
I ask you.
Am I carrying an umbrella?!
Am I prancing about with Dick van Dyke singing stupid pro-medicine songs?!
I think not.

I'm carrying a Rex, thank you very much.

That, dear friends, is a weird looking deep fried fish!
Frock-from the infamous Dr Sarah
Hat-60's, opshopped
Shoes-thrifted in Santa Fe
Handbag-60's So Obviously Rex, via a friend
Earrings-60's, darling Kitty

So, onto a couple of other things....

Miss PeePee wants to show you the Parcel of Joy I received from sweet Liz
Thank you, lovely, I adore the two frocks, they fit perfectly!
And the scarf, the handmade brooch and brush roll are divoon!

And a few pix from Jo's engagement party on Sunday, whereupon my camera battery promtly died....
Above, the happy couple.

Jo looking smug with an enormous bottle of plonk!

My boy and I.
(That's a new 60's hat I scored at Retropolitan the other week)

And I wore some wrist decorations!
That's a bit unusual for me!
Occasionally I like to bust out a risky move!