It's a nice day for a white wedding

It was a bloody nice day indeed!
On Saturday, G and I took the Kombi for a run to Hanmer Springs, about an hour and a half away, for our friend Smritee's wedding.
We set up camp at the local campground, had a wee snack and a costume change, and trotted up to the fancy-schmancy Heritage Hotel for the 3pm ceremony.

Of course one must be fortified with a glass or two of vino before attending a wedding.
We had a divoonly creamy brie with some pestoey stuff, olives and crackers as a snack.

Then I popped on my Mother of the Bride frock, and had a little read in the shade.

A little slap, and I was ready to roll!

I picked up this perfect for a wedding 60's frock and matchy jacket last week when opshopping with my friend Alannah.

Worn with:
Bow-from sweet Nelly
Handbag-60's, from darling Brian
Earrings-from lovely Sue
Necklace-San Francisco

Yes, the bow was sitting a little like a satellite dish, but what's that between friends?

Here comes the bride!
She's a wee cutie, our Smritee.
Aided and abetted by her parents.
Mostly because her shoes were so damned high!

Whilst the bride and groom went for their photoshoot, G and I had a little vino and a relax before the onslaught of the reception.

Where I got a little groping in.

And admired the frock on this lovely Mrs Hanmer.
Must be early 1900's, judging by it's splendidness.
She looks smug and well pleased with herself.
I must practice that expression!

And we trotted on down back to the campround, stopping by a dear little field with some dear little sheep.

It was all really rather nice.
And no, I didn't fall off that fence I am posing so fetchingly on!