Just a little green

G and I went on a small mission to the Northern suburb of Papanui after work this morning to visit a smallgoods shop for holiday supplies.
It's a bloody stonking Nor' Wester today, hot and dry.
I suppose that would be a Sou' Wester for you Northern Hemisphere lovelies?!
G took me along the bicycle route he take when he goes to the swimming pool up there; it was so peaceful and pleasant...
We stopped in this sweet park for some gratuituous Friday Frock pix....

Frock-made it myself out of opshopped fabric
Cardi-Lampang, Thailand
Shoes-Bangkok, Thailand
Bow-made it myself
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Earrings-Selcuk, Turkey
Beads-60's, opshopped
Pendant-60's or 70's, London, 1989!

Booboids-courtesy of my Mama, who would be SO proud (and astonished!) of me today; I preserved some lemons!
My FIRST EVER attempt to preserve anything!
My Mama was the Queen of preserves....
And I have been blithering about doing some for years......
It's a talent of mine; blithering.
Just one of many.

The wind played havoc with my hair!
On our way home we stopped in at what turned out to be a little hidden gem:

G had spotted this in his travels, hidden in deepest Mairehau, a suburb I very, very rarely go to!
In fact, I never go there!
But now I have a reason to....

It's a wee shop of vintage, vintage inspired and new goodies, and the proprietess was just lovely.

Prices were exceedingly reasonable!
I rather fancied this sweet little navy homemade frock!
But I think it was just a little too small for me..

And was very taken by this NZ made Horrockses frock....I can hear Georgia Rose panting from here!
It calls to my 50's loving side, but I fear the colours may be too inspipid for me...what do you think, lovelies?!
It would fit perfectly, and I could pep it up with red accessories....and take it up a bit...
I think I'm convincing myself.....!
There were some sublime little 70's printed numbers and some scrummy 60's numbers...but all too small for me!

Gawd I love frocks!
A gal can never have too many!
Thank goodness there are so many divoon era's to chose from!
I could never, ever get bored!

Happy Friday, lovers!
Check out my Nigella inspired arse!