Put the roof down, baby

So I played the part of the groupie on Saturday night for G's band, The Prov's.
I suppose I should have frocked up in more slutty style, all tits and legs and my arse hanging out....but I opted for understated elegance.
After all, I'm a lady!

They played with a band called When Pets Attack .
They were frigging hilarious!
And, much to our amusement, they're older than us!
Nice to see other oldies not taking themselves too seriously.

Frock-60's, Retropolitan
Cape-60's, Trade Me
Shoes-the sexacious Desiree
Handbga-60's, opshopped
Earrings-lovely Sue

My boy in action!

I keep trying to load a You Tube clip I made of them playing, but it keeps bloody flicking on to the one I made of the infamous Wunderbar mirrorball.......so, if you'd like to see/hear one of The Prov's ( my favourite, actually) songs, go here... hopefully....!