Strawberry flowers and colourful hours

Saturday found us at Hagley Park for the second annual Wine and Food Festival....

We'd been looking forward to it for ages, and I'd bought the tickets online months ago!
With our "early bird" tickets came a little wine glass and free tasting tickets...hurrah!

I'm sometimes amazed at just how many people turn out to these things.
There was live music, oodles of food and wine, naturally......

I wore:
Frock-70's squaredance frock, Retropolitan
Bag-vinyltastic, opshopped
Tights-Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me
Headpiece-Wildfell Hall
Sunglasses-60's, Wasteland, San Francisco

We met up with Si and Nix there...

Bumped into Liz and Ely...

Jo was conducting the wine seminar tent, so of course we had to go along to one of the seminars....

Jo and her new fiance, Malcolm!

This dude on the right, from Mahi Wines in Marborough , was rather hilarious.
We ended up in teams of 4, making our own blend...

I was falling off my chair here.

Once you'd made up your blend, you had to take it up for tasting....

Poor Jo did a power tasting, the most she's ever done in one go, to choose a winner...
Which was G's team!
Neither G nor I drink white wine, so how he managed to be on the winning team is most amusing!
Jammy* little bugger!

And then we trundled home for a nap before The Prov's played that night at the Wunderbar.

My navy shoes, that I'd looked so long for, had a catastrophe!
They're repairable, thankfully, I just have to find some bastard to fix the bloody things.


* lucky/cunning !