There's chocolate in my underpants*

Darlings, your encouragement, and my not being able to stop thinking about it, caused me to buy that spotty frock from The Vintage Cupboard !!!
I've taken it up, and rocked it out today with red accessories.
Vintage purists will be happy to know that I did not cut the excess hem off, I simply gathered it a little, pressed it and hand stitched it up.
Normally I'm not so careful, but for some obscure reason I decided to be, this time!

It has been excessively hot and muggy here, so we took these pix in the band room, as we'd had enough of being outside!
I'm not gloating...(well, maybe a little)

I'm pretty well into my messy hair today.
This was last nights 'do, and I slept on it.....then just stuffed my hair decoration into it this morning and tucked some flyaways up.
Sometimes, slept in hair really works........but you just never know when it will!
You just can't count on it.

G and I are officially on holiday for 2 weeks, and we're feeling pretty damned pleased about it.
Fabularsehole, I say.
I'm looking forward to some sleep in's, some cooking, lots of reading, a fair bit of prancing around, and plenty of boozing and noshing up with friends!
I might even squeeze in a bit of sewing too..........I have some curtains to make, and some frocks to whip up......

Jacket-70's, opshopped and altered by moi
Shoes-Trade Me ( I have these in purple, too)
Handbag-60's vanity case, from a market
Earrings and necklace-gifts from G
Headpiece-from lovely Lucy, with a little embellishmnet in the form of some glittery red butterflies by moi

Right, I'm going to watch Come Dine with Me, have nachos (by G) for dinner, and then an early night, cos I'm shagged!
(Yeah, yeah, enough of the Benny Hill winks now!)


* G's creative input for today.