You've got the power to know, you're indestructible

I felt this was just the right outfit to go and see a few metal bands on Thursday night.
60's, golden, glittery....knowing it was going to be a sea of black, that I would stick out like dog's balls....
Must've done the trick; I was hit on by some slightly sordid looking guy whilst standing right next to G!
Yeah, I must still have it!
Although I didn't feel like I had anything but yawns and bags under my eyes on Friday; we didn't get home until 1am!

Frock-60's, Etsy
Shoes-Trade Me
Sequin clutch and mink brooch-the divinity that is Vix
Headpiece-Wildfell Hall
Other brooches-markets
Locket-markets, strung by moi
Sunglasses-50's, lovely Sue

In other news, G and I paid off our mortgage earlier this month, and to celebrate, we treated ourselves to this splendid mid-century clock!
We've always wanted one, the timing was right, and we had some spare cash... it was destiny!

Smugness be my name....