And I know I'm counting good times

Friday's always seem to be about errands for me.
It just frequently works out to be the best day to do shit about town.
I loathe too much routine, or predictability though....I guess it's always going to be predicted that I will be over dressed for any occasion, errands or otherwise.

It's been phenomenally hot weather down here in little old Christchurch.
Most unusually tropical, in fact.
Perfect for my old 80's does 50's tropicana print frock.
I'd almost forgotten I had it!
Shame on me!

Mission's accomplished, I spent my afternoon on a little sewing and plotting what to wear/ take to a bbq tomorrow.
Gonna have a quiet night in, I think.

Crinoline-50's, Etc (a vintage shop not too far from us)
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Hairflowery thang-gift from Nix