And turn me to gold in the sunlight


I was reading a sweet blogpost the other day, where a lovely lady worries that her posts are boring.
Periodically I too have a wee worry that y‘all might find me boring .
After all, I pretty much just post pix of me prancing about looking pleased with myself.
I think, o, I should do tutorials, I should try interviews, I should do this, I should do that…….
But then I remember, although I’d love to do all those things, the best thing I am qualified do is just be myself, which largely involves prancing about looking pleased with myself, really.


I am a shitty teacher, having no patience and no clue how to teach. I’m not much better as a student! (I just want to know NOW, dammit! I just want to DO it already!)
I couldn’t possibly come up with clever and succinct questions for interviews. I can barely come up with clever and succinct things to say about myself and what I’ve been up to!
I admire bloggers that have regular weekly posts, but I would just forget, or procrastinate too much.
There’s loads of things I’ve loved reading on other blogs, like tips on cheaper living, how to do fabulously professional looking eyeliner, how to style a thingy, ad nauseum, that I could perhaps do myself. But I couldn’t possibly add anything different, or better, to the mix. It’s all been done before, and by far better writers than myself, and I would feel cheeky giving advice or whatever on things I know perfectly well you’re all capable of finding out for yourselves, or probably know more about than I.
I guess if you’re blogging for a living, or to make any kind of money out of sponsorship, you will want to look at these sort of things to maximise your readership.

Me, I’m just in it ‘cos it’s fun and makes for a great diary!

    Frock-60's, Etsy Handbag-60's, "thrifted" in New Mexico (We "opshop" here. But because I was in the States, I "thrifted" it!) Shoes-70's, gifted Locket-a market Beads-gorgeous Sarita Earrings-the sweetest Squirrel Flower- long legged Louise Sunglasses-Portland

Feck it.

I think I’m just going to continue to be an example of being as fabularsehole as possible despite being over 40, and not giving a shit, nor succumbing to any bullshit rules.
That’s my stamp on Blogland!
Too much worrying might give me wrinkles, or drive me to drink.