And you smell like one too...

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes, darlings!!!
I've been having the most lovely, loved up and relaxed weekend!
There isn't really that much to report, but I'll do my best!

G and I popped out to a local beach (Spencer Park) for a quick swim on Saturday after we picked up the wood for my shelves...of which only one got put up, it was just so hot!
We spent the rest of the day lolling about-in fact, I think I had another nana nap!

Then we went out to dinner at our new favourite Thai restaurant....

After which, despite ideas of grandeur, ie: going to a bar or something, we went home, watched a Midsomer Murder and I went to bed.....

The actual day of my birthday, Sunday, was exceptionally lazy!
This is a grand achievement for me.
I used to be an "active relaxer".
Not anymore.
Despite one of G's aunts (Cousin Phil's Mama) ringing at 9:30am to wish me happy birthday, we didn't get out of bed until 11:30 am.
A bit later we decided to go down to Pomeroy's for a drinkie or two...

After that, we cycled up to Jane's Bar for a few more drinkies.
Bar hopping, I suppose?!
Does it count if it was only 2 bars?!

Today we went out opshopping, and I was quite happy enough to pick up a splendid Pyrex bowl for $2, a cream cardi and some cute earrings.

We had intended to have lunch at the Mediterranean Warehouse Cafe, where they do great Italian style pizza, but they've been closed for the holidays and don't open until the we went home and G sorted out a platter of nibbles whilst I had Humpy snuggles.......

O, yes please, saucy garcon!