Half cocked and fully loaded, not even trying to sugar coat it

I'm having a long birthday weekend!
Tomorrow (Sunday) is my actual birthday, but we started celebrating the minute we left work yesterday!
My only wish for my birthday is for G to put up some shelves in my sewing/dressing room, so today we will go and get the wood for that, but yesterday we did a little second hand cd shopping, a little lunch and a couple of drinks, just to get the ball rolling.

Then I had to have a nap before band practice, hence my not getting my Friday Frock post up!

I did get myself some new (new!) shoes as a birthday treat!
I'd been coveting them for ages, and they were finally on sale, so I pounced!
I'd ordered them just after Christmas and they arrived just in the nick of time!
So of course, they had their inaugural outing yesterday!

I also wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped ('twas a maxi originally, I shortened it years ago)
Jacket-made by moi from a pattern Vix sent and some vintage fabric I'd been sitting on for years
Handbag-60's, a school fair (for $1!)
Bow-sweetheart Tamera
Sunglasses-gorgeous Sarah
Chain necklace-Indian traveller Vix
Pendant-cobbled together by moi
Earrings-the sexacious Desiree

Nix surprised me with a lamington cake last night!
Complete with Helga dolly decoration!!!
I'm a little hungover today from guzzling lots of red wine and bubbly, but I did manage to stay up until about 1:30am!
(The benefits of a nana nap!)

Unfortunately we had to make an emergency run with PeePee to the v.e.t. this morning (you know it has to be spelt!); the wee baby has a bladder infection.
Thankfully she will be back in fine fisting form in no time!

Tonight G and I are going out to dinner, and I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow except to laze about and go where the day takes me!
I just can't be arsed being organised and making plans!
We've taken Monday off, so maybe we'll pop out for brunch, or a little shopping, or both, or neither!
I am happy to keep my options open!