Hustle and cuss and lick on the dust

Indeed, you lovelies have more than validated what I already knew-just be myself and get on with it!

Talk about getting my ego stroked.
I sure know where to come if I’m feeling a little tender!

Right then.
These pix are from when our Ralph was in town.
We always, but always, go out to dinner and breakfast at least once.
These are from when we went out to dinner one night, and decided to walk………
There were a few spits of rain, but we were confident it wouldn’t amount to much.


But then it PISSED down on us!
(We're hiding briefly under the verandah of a shop, in the above pic)

We did have one umbrella, but it didn’t really do much, and we arrived rather damp at the restaurant.
But no matter, the luscious Thai food  and a bottle of wine soon warmed us up!


A gratuitious booboid shot, courtesy of G.
(Whom I am currently calling Wolver G, due to his fabularse experimental mutton shops!)

After dinner, it had dried up, so we wandered into town in search of a bar.


The bar we found was rather lousy, so we didn't stay long.
Made sense to cruise back home to our own bar!

An almost completely opshopped outfit, except:
Brolly and flower -retail
Earrings-from the sweetest Squirrel
Sweater clip-50's/60's, Trade Me