I'm not the way that you found me

 Frigging Blogger is being a total arsebiscuit lately, so I have to load my pix via Picasa...which isn't exactly reliable. So I am missing several pix I wanted to load, but can't do it after the fact; can't be arsed doing it all again and I am rather peeved.
To put it mildly.
I'll pop them on my Farcebook page, which I hadn't previously mentioned because I am sometimes a bit secret squirrel-like.
On a positive note, I had the funkiest dream last night involving Sarah and G playing in a big band at a burlesque show. It was quite awesome, but a little vague. I do remember now laughing with Sarah by a big rack of clothes....dammit, I wish I could remember better! I was supposed to be performing, despite having no clue, and I was planning to do something whilst lying down?! But I forgot when I was on due to being distracted by the band being so fabularse.
Dreams are such fun!

O, anyways, here's my scrumptious shoes and handbag.
I tried out this scarf and quite liked it!
One of you divoon wenches sent it to me, but my memory is falling out of my ear lately.

So, I met up with Jo at a vintage market my lovely friend Anissa organised on Saturday morning.
The venue was an empty lot on the corner of Kilmore and Barbadoes St in town. G and I lived in 3 different places on this block over a period of 10 years! The empty lot is just one of many after earthquake enforced demolitions.
Gap Filler is a community arts project that sets up all kinds of funky things on such spaces, and this is one of the spaces they've previously used.
They also have set up the "Pallet Pavillion", a space made of pallets, in which our band is playing at the end of the month, and G's band plays early next month, I think!

O, look, it's the divoon Christine of The Vintage Cupboard

Jo's rather elegant and classy engagement ring

I thought this lady looked rather sweet!

Fancy shoes!

Anissa herself!

I do love a market!

I wore:
Frock and chain necklace-from curry munching Vix
Tights and shoes-retail
Handbag-60's, a school fair
Scarfone of you sweethearts!
Necklace-made by moi
Sunglasses-from lovely Sue