Open your eyes and see, what we have made is real

Over the holiday period our lovely friends Nicole and Toby were in town (from Queensland) visiting family and friends. We had them over for a little dinner party one night.
 I frigging love having dinner parties.


The planning is the best bit, as I get quite excited when looking at recipes. I’m a bit obsessed with collecting all sorts of recipes from all over the place, for all sorts of dietary requirements. I have gluten and lactose intolerant friends, vegetarian and vegan friends and I like to think I can cater for all of them.
In fact, I like the challenge!
It's not like I'm a great cook or anything, I just enjoy it, and sharing food rocks!

The most bizarre and tricky think I ever made was a vegan cheesecake. I slaved for hours over it, and it was bloody disgusting.
Our vegan friends loved it, however!
It is really wonderful when I don’t have to worry about it and cook whatever I feel like, of course.
I get to do that most days of the week; Wolver G is splendidly open to almost anything I cook him.
It’s a good quality in a man, I feel.

Frock-80's, Portland
(we were with that lucious Krista on Hawthorne St!)
Bow-from my gorgeous Sarita
Earrings-darling Tamera
White beads, red beads-opshopped
Pendant-Oaxaca, strung by moi
Shoes-Trade Me?


PS: The sweetest Squirrel had a birthday on Sunday!
Do pop over and wish her a belated birthday-I bloody well thought it was yesterday, so I've already been belated!