Signal when you get to the top

My bargain beacon seemed to be functioning rather proficiently today.
G and I were recently discussing how we would like to find a little funky nest of tables, as we rather admire the set our lovely friend Jo has........and after work today I popped into my favourite Sallies opshop only to practically fall right over a dear little set just inside the door...and they cost me a whopping $6!
Squee, I say!

I was game to try and take them home on my bicycle, but opted to get a taxi.
It just wouldn't do to end up arsing off my bicycle with a nest of tables on top of me and my arse displayed to the world, would it?!
Granted, it wouldn't be the first time I had accidentally (or on purpose, for that matter) displayed my arse to the world.

I also found a splendid faux (fauxfauxfauxxx) fur stole in a delicious caramel shade, just what I'd been looking for!

And, to cap it off, I had only been thinking this very morning that I wouldn't mind another brocade frock....and I came across this sweet little number!

I also picked up a dear little vinyl purse; I use these for sunglasses.
Haven't seen one with a side pocket like this before!
Thanks, Salvation Army, you saw me right today!

And did you notice I was double baggin' it?!
Thought so.
I do adore my little 50's wicker fishy bag from Two Squirrels , but it's so damned small!
So, for some added colour excitement, I also carried my 60's orange raffia handbag.

I also wore:
Frock-from awesome Ivy
Jacket-from a wonderful reader, Brenda ( from whom I received a most magnificent parcel of Joy this week! Thanks, sweetie!)
Shoes-a school fair
Earrings-from the sexacious Desiree
Necklace-Wasteland, San Francisco
Bow-vintage bow tie, from darling Tamera

I feel rather satisfied with myself, my bargain beacon and my scores and now have my second vodka/tonic (with ice and lots of lemon) in hand and am about to have a noisy jam with some boys!
Rock the hell ON!