Stroke a pocket with a print of a laughing sound

Strictly Ballroom, anyone?!
G and I popped into the Cranford St Savemart* on our way home from afterwork mission today, and I pretty much ran to this fabularse ballroom number.
Shame the bodice was rather huckory awful; it would have been spectacular on the sexacious Desiree ! Just as well, really, at $50 buckeroos I wouldn't have bought it anyways, as I am a cheap bitch!

Do I look a little different today?!

Yes, indeed I do!
I'm wearing a faux (faux faux FAUX! Love that word) fringe that Vix sent me a couple of years back. I gave it a good hacking, actually, to see if I would wear it more.
Oddly, I used to always have a fringe, despite a horrendous cowslick, but finally grew it out about 20 years ago. My hair is just too fine, and I don't have a huge amount of it, so this faux (FAUX!) fringe is just perfect.
It's the fringe you have when you're not having a fringe.
I'm thinking I look a little odd, but I'm just not used to it!
Wolver G told people who commented on it this morning at work that I'd gotten drunk and cut it last night.
He's such a kidder!
I was drunk last night, though.

It's my dream wedding frock!
Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa VOMIT.

I liked the fabric, but this frock was ghastly.
I walked out empty handed; nothing spun my wheels today!

I lie; my sexacious shoes spun my wheels!

This kids frock was pretty amusing, but just a little too hideous for any kids I know!

Now, this kids clown suit rocks....shame I wouldn't be able to get it over even one of my booboids.

Ooooo, great fabric, but another vile frock.
Must have been Gross Frock Friday and I didn't know it!

I wore:
Frock-made it myself with fabric from BellaBean Vintage
Cardi-thrifted in Utah
Tights and shoes-retail
Handbag-60's vanity case
Scarf-one of you lovlies sent it to me, but I am ashamed to say I can't remember who! And it was just recently! GAH!
Gold beads-60's, opshopped
Necklace-made it myself
Brooch-birthday gift from the sweetest Squirrel, whose birthday it is early next week-I'm such a twit, I can't remember which day, but it's the 21/22 or 23 Jan!
(I'm generally useless at dates)


*Savemart is an American styled sort of opshop supermarket.
We have 4 branches in Christchurch; they're all over the country.
They're not too bad, I have had some great scores over the years, most especially in their early days.