Crown and anchor me

Just lookee who we had coffee with this morning!
Those gorgeous Squirrels are in town prepping for their big move, and just happen to be staying not 5 minutes from where we had band practice last night!
Made perfect sense to meet up for coffee at the Brick Mill Cafe, which is part of a huge old building that also houses a classic car shop, and art gallery, an antiques shop and a "garage sale" retro/vintage shop!
Despite turning off the highway just past this place every time we go out to Waikuku, I had taken zero notice of it!
Well, one lives and learns!

Um, yes, I appear to have Miss V transfixed by my boobage...

It was so bloody wonderful to see their chirpy little faces!
G and I are already sorting ourselves out for a visit to their sweet new little church home!

We had a splendid little natter over coffee, then perused the shopping options....and I happened to score this weird old vinyl bag and a darling navy blue So Obviously Rex handbag!

Quite a fitting way to spend a Sunday morning, I feel!

O, I recovered well enough from my hangover after a sea dip and some more vodka last night...