He likes tabouli, I like tabouli too

As promised, gig pix!
(I am working on something for you to listen to, really I am)

Set up takes ages.
Luckily I just need to jam a lead in my mic, get a drink, and I'm pretty much sorted.
The joys of a voice being my only instrument...apart from my tambourine, which I bash about in the best tradition of Stevie Nicks!

It really is a Pallet Pavillion !


Yep, got a little breezy...

Frock from Madame Butterfly's!
Sunglasses-50's, from lovely Sue
Silver clutch-a thrift shop somewhere in the States
Headpiece-made form a piece of flash lace gifted by a friend
Necklace-a vintage shop in Dunedin 24 years ago
Earrings-from the fabulous Tamera
Cuff on right wrist-from gorgeous Vix
Cuff on left wrist-can't remember

G Star!




First warm up act, Nick, aka A Bit of a Lonesome Cowboy!

Cousin Phil came along!

Second warm up act, Simon Nunn and awesome violinist chick!

I have no idea what I have done with this cd Mikel gave me of a little project he, G, Cousin Phil and I are working on........yes, it looks like we're calling ourselves Flange.
I really like Toasted Flange for a name, but no takers so far.

And we're on!

O, here's Mikel!

There's a few nice professional shots on our farcebook page, too.