01 February 2013

I'm waiting for the moment, the time will come I know it

These old saleyards have lain derelict as long as I've lived in Christchurch.
Which is 23 years.
I don't know anything about them, but I expect that's some prime real estate just lying about!
We popped on in for a wee photoshoot on the way home today; last time we were there was in 2011, in  this post inspired by Madonna and dumplings.

I was going to add some pix from our gig last night, but as this is already photo heavy, you'll just have to wait!
Here's a little taster though...

Today I wore:
Frock-made it myself out of opshopped fabric years ago
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's knitting bag, opshopped
Pendant-from the gorgalicious Krista
Necklace-a market



daiseedeb said...

Wanna hear you sing.... ; )
You look fab as always!

Misfits Vintage said...

Damn you daiseedeb!!!

Darling, you look AMAZING! I absolutely love these pics - pleeeease put this on our list of places to visit!

I am a sucker for the pink/red colour combo - is there a happier combo? I think not.

You are exquisite in your beautiful dress and I LOVE the sunnies and accessories - as always, you are PERFECTION.

Rockstar!!! Can't wait to see the pics!

Love you more than home!

Sarah xxx

Jo said...

Love, Love, Love the 'Dorothy' Shoes!! xx

Mariela said...

Fabulous! Love the color combo.

Ofelia said...

You know how to move those hips!
The buildings graffiti art gives them a cool and rock and roll look.
I love your red mary janes, they make me think of Oz.

princesspincurls.com said...

What an eerie backdrop-Very cool and a bit freaky at the same time!
I am loving your orange be-flowered head band. xx Shauna

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Look at you, rockin' dolly-roo! Your sparkly shoes and fishnets slay me, and your presence activates that space like mad. Loved the Madonna-dumpling post as well, and can't wait to see the gig shots - any hope of a vid???? You are the mistress of teasing suspense, and a fabulous performer. xo

Melanie said...

You are a star.
You walk divinely.
You look divinely.
Wanna hear you singing!
Those are the most spectacular painted walls.

two squirrels said...

Oh I do love a great knitting bag as a handbag, that one is a brilliant!!!! Miss Helga you are wonderfully clever that dress is lovely and looks great with the accessories as always. Sparkle Dorothy shoes are fabulous.
So excited to see the pics of the gig. yay yay yay!!!!!
Hope the weekend is super duper!!!!! Love V
PS love you for the link on FB about the Church, I am just bursting at the seams to move in!!!!!!

Joni said...

I loved that little video snippet of you and your sexy bod walking by. It makes you so much more real then you are already! The confident click of those sassy shoes and the swish of your frock!
I can't believe you put that lovely elongated handbag in that shit pile. But okay, you're forgiven. It's an artistic shit pile after all.

Janice Tutone said...

Very cool! XXX

joyatri said...

What a fabulous location for a photo shoot. And I love that performance art video at the end of your post. That's quite a sexy saunter you have there.
Can't wait to see pics of the gig.

Penny-Rose said...

Woah! you look fabulous. Love the fishnets!! Thanks for linking back to me regarding your hosiery!! I laughed out loud at the suggestions for the dressing room!!!

BellaBean Vintage said...

Lovely ensemble, and those dorothy shoes are fabulous. You have the most amazing collection of wee cardy's! I love those old sale yards - they're recently painted all the grafiti grey which is so disappointing - but I see they're starting to get the life painted into them again!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Great Colour mix as always , the shoes are fab . The Vätterns on your bag i remember from when i was a Child - had it on my clogs!

bonsaimum said...

Sparkly shoes....ooooooooh!!

pastcaring said...

You look fabulous, all bright and flowery and red and pink and sparkly amongst the graffiti and dereliction! Such gorgeous colours, darling, you look like an exotic flower! A most wonderful backdrop for a photo shoot too, I remember the Madonna-inspired post well.
Ooh, Lady sings the blues, looking forward to the gig pics.
Have a wondrous weekend! xxxxx

Bohemian vanity said...

You look wonderful in this colour combo and what a beautiful place to take pictures ! XX Tani

Fiona said...

What stunning arty snaps and your outfit is so happy. Love those colours together.

Sacramento Amate said...

Beyond fabulous, my dear Helga.

delia hornbook said...

Great location. Love your outfit today you look beauitful, dee x

edie pop said...

Here is early morning and when I want to 'kick out the jams' I come to visit you in your colourful world!!
It happens that everything is always beyond my expectations and there's nothing that could make me happier than a linked past post and gratuitous awesomeness!! The frock, the shoes and the bag are stunning and I love the contrast with the artworks in the background!!
But my favourite is the gig pic, fabulous pose and dress, you are gorgeous in those vintage sunglasses and well...WE WANT MORE!!
Lots of love xxxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

Like Edie, it is morning here and I have awoken to this bitschslap of perfection!! I absolutely love the saleyards, how amazing a backdrop are they?!! I missed your Madonna post but I'm so glad you've linked to it as I wouldn't have been able to see the wonderousness of that lace dress and frock coat. Do you still have them? I wanna see more! I love the dorothy shoes from today. Are they Pleaser ones? Thank you for putting a smile on my face this early in the morning! xxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I have shoes just like those, aren't they divine?

You look beautiful, you seemingly have a cardigan to go with every outfit, whatever the colour, I feel sadly lacking. That looks like an interesting spot, and certainly makes a fab backdrop for outfit shots. Xx

freckleface said...

As soon as I saw that bag I thought 'oh that looks like my knitting bag'. My nan gave it to me when I was about five or six. It had pink plastic knitting needles in it and some bit of old wool. She taught me the basics of knitting at about that time too. I loved it. I've never seen one since. What a lovely aide-memoire.

Goodness that site is enormous. Like a psychedelic ghost town.

I love the neckline on that dress, the shape and the trim. Those hot colours look so well on you. xxx

Trudie said...

I think Sarah said it perfectly about the colour combination, it really is a happy one, but it ever so lovely on you.
Gorgeous as always.

Sue said...

Yes you so have to put a video up of you singing!!!! Fabulous photos, perfect place to pose. I dressed in your honor the other day. That is how much you influence me!!

Krista Gassib said...

I so love this location, I think you have some of the coolest graffiti spots Helga. I adore this dress on you and the purse my god so matchy matchy. Can't wit to see more pix from the gig. You are our very own rock star!

menopauselsupermodel said...

What a cool photo site!!! Love all the graffitti but you are the most glorious vision there!! Love the outfit--the purse::::thud::::: love it and the sparkly Dorothy shoes are divine!!

Now ! must hunt down your Madonn and dumpling photos!!

thorne garnet said...

That site is pretty awesome, love all the graffiti. And the sparkle shoes

Vix said...

Get you, sashaying along the sale yards like a rock star! I love that moody, urban location, such a superb backdrop to your magnificent style.
The red and pink outfit is mitchy-matchy perfection on you and I want to steal the chiffon number!
Madonna and the dumplings feels like only yesterday, where does the time go?
Love you! xxxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Man, you are a fantastic seamstress. Love the fishnets :) and all the tagged walls!

Aunty Bee said...

ha ha lovely place for a photo shoot. See letters to the Ed this mornings Press, suggesting compulsory purchase for much needed housing.I'm all for it.

daiseedeb said...

I must point out to you that I am not the only one who wishes to hear your divine pipes.
; )

Indigo Violet said...

Two questions for you: why can't I find a divine knitting bag like that and why did I not appreciate them when they weren't quite so rare?
p.s. check out the Frida Kahlo wardrobe post on www.collectorsweekly.com.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You look so exclusive in your blue ensemble and I'm curious how you sound. Music references? Blondie? Tori Amos? Siouxie? Patti Smith ...?

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

And your wizard of Oz shoes! ... !

Hannah said...

Beautiful dress I need to dig out my fishnets in homage to you! Omg that gig pic is epic! xxx

Renia said...

You look beautiful! I love shoes and sweatr! Amazing! Kisses x x x x

Marla Robinson said...

Love all that graffiti in the background. You look marvelous!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

love love love x

Veshoevius said...

It's a great place to take photos! Love your floral dress, tangerine cardi and those wonderful Dorothy shoes!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Love the clip of you, strolling along so sassy-like, in your candy colours!
The graffiti makes for an awesome backdrop, especially in the shots where your sweater matches the colour on the walls.

Devil made in Heaven said...

Wow, I love your wizzard of Oz shoes! How cute are they!
Your dress is abosolutely cool and I love the way your bag is matching the dress.
And a great place to make some great photo's. I love abandoned places. I met my hubby while I was exploring and abandoned building. :)

CityScape Skybaby said...

Beautiful pics Helga, I love the buildings covered in graffiti, your bright bag in among the rubbish and your gorgeous Wizard of Oz shoes, and the tantalizing glimpse of your show, look forward to seeing more of it. xx

Val Sparkle said...

Just going back to see what I missed. You, of course, look divine, and I love that bag!

And I love the graffiti walls - what an amazing place!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

OK, you don't look like a tranny but that video was a fantastic homage to Divine in Pink Flamingos. That abandoned yard is amazing, such an awesome place for a photoshoot. More delicious pink and Orange and yes! A bitchslap of perfection! The heavenly blue looks stunning and I'm looking forward to seeing the gig photos!!

Style Sud-Est said...

What a cool backdrop!
Love those deserted places with all those graffitis!
Beautiful photography Helga!
Ariane xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

So many many colors! I wonder what used to be in those abandoned buildings.
Your outfit works perfectly. And your shoes are such a delight.