Louder than sirens, louder than bells

Here's to a jolly busy weekend!
I need another just to get over it.......so much food, booze and schmoozing ......
I can't quite keep the pace I used to, I'm afraid, but that doesn't stop me from trying!
I'm going to have a few days detox in preparation for another busy weekend coming!

Friday night Jo and I made a terrine.
We've been blithering about making one for ages, and finally set ourselves a date.
The Friday for the making, and the Saturday for the eating.

I wore this crimplene dream brocade frock I got at The Vintage Cupboard sale.
I love the fit, and it feels rather regal.
How very appropriate!

Earrings-from the sweetest Squirrel
Necklace-60's, from the fabularse Tamera
Brooch-from the velvety vampy  Sarah
Star headpiece-hot glued rather lumpily that afternoon to a hair comb!

60's cocktail rings, left hand, all from darling  Kitty, I think.
Ring on right hand from the lovely Sue.

So obviously Rex 60's handbag bought from sweetheart Rosina Lee
Shoes-Trade Me

Cuff from Amy

We put on a pretty good spread, I reckon, and shared it with G, a friend Helen, and Jo's fiance via Skype!
Hilariously, I didn't like the terrine.
I hadn't expected to, it's not really my bag.
I just wanted to make one!
Luckily, G and Jo loved it, and Helen seemed to enjoy it too.

O, yes, out with the citronella candle to keep the nasties away!