Make a shroud pulling combs through a backwash frame

This fabularse 70's frock was from Brenda, a very sweet reader who sent me a Parcel of Joy recently.
It fits like a dream!
I wore it to work and felt like a sort of sexacious secretary all day.
Must be the emphasised boobage.
It has a matching jacket, but it's rather odd...
Rock the hell on, Brenda!

A scrum of brooches!
Top left: from Vix, top right: from a market in Sydney, bottom: opshopped.

I have no idea where I got this vanity case from!
Probably opshopped, it turned up in one of my many vintage suitcases recently when I was looking for something else entirely!
It had an old leather jacket on top of it, which has sadly bled onto the case and given it a mottled appearance. I kind of like it, but I might have to do something interesting about it.